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Gemma Atkinson's Motivational Tips

Our USA Pro Team Ambassador Gemma Atkinson gives her top tips on staying fit, healthy and pert!

1) Always stay hydrated. It’s so beneficial to keep hydrated. I drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day. Not only does this enhance all-around performance in training & work, it flushes out toxins too. Many people assume that drinking water bloats them. It doesn't. It's when you don't drink enough your body holds water and that's when you bloat.

2) Don't be afraid to lift ladies! It’s a myth that lifting weights will make us bulky. We are not genetically designed to bulk up like a man does. I've lifted weights for over a year now. It’s great for fat burning, feeling strong and keeping everything tight and pert.

3) Step away from the scales! There is nothing worse for knocking self-confidence or feeling disheartened then seeing a number on a scale & judging yourself by it. It’s your body fat to muscle ratio that matters. I'm 11stone but only 12% body fat. Before I started training I was 10stone but 17% body fat. I've dropped fat and gained lean muscle mass and that's why my scales are a bigger number. I'm the healthiest and leanest I've ever been though and that's what matters.

4) Eat clean when possible! There's no point putting in the gym work and then eating badly. You can't out train a bad diet. I'm not saying to starve and never eat chocolate again, just be sensible about it. One pizza isn't going to make you fat, just like one salad won't make you slim. It’s about consistency. I eat lots of veg, salad, sweet potato, rice & white fish or chicken all week and at the weekend I treat myself to a takeaway or some wine and chocolate. It’s about balance, consistency and common sense.