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How To Maintain Your Bikini Body By Gemma!

So I thought I would write another blog for you about getting and maintaining YOUR "bikini body" notice the word your. It's aimed at you as an individual. We all come in different shapes and sizes therefor all of our bikini bodies will be different. For example, I'm 5ft 9 and have broad shoulders and a narrow waist so try as I might there is not a chance in hell my bikini body will ever be like Kim Kardashian’s.

USA Pro Gemma Atkinsons Bikini Body

It will however be the best it can be for me, and that's all I could ask for. So firstly I want you to take the person you had in mind as your ideal body or "fitspiration" and instead of comparing yourself to them, I want you to dig out an old picture of yourself, one where you felt you were out of shape and instead, start comparing your results to that. Aspiring to be or look like someone else is silly, you at your best is more then enough so start appreciating what you have and work with it, not against it! You also need to consistently eat a clean diet and exercise. That's a fact. There's no quick fix or magic pill. Put the work in and you will get the results. It's that simple.

I try and do 45mins a day 6 times a week, and food wise I stick to lean protein (I only eat white meat so just chicken & fish) I also have eggs, lots of veg, oats & sweet potato, nuts, rice cakes & hummus and some 90% dark chocolate. I always cook my chicken & veg in spices or pesto to taste, and when I do sweet potato wedges I sprinkle them with chillies before baking. This is all with the exception of one meal a week. One meal a week I eat whatever I want, be it a pizza, mac N cheese, chippy tea, Ben & Jerry’s... Whatever I fancy. Notice it’s just one meal too and not one day. I've never really understood a "cheat day" . It won't help at all and the following day you will feel rotten. Its the same with eating rubbish food, so stick to the one meal rule instead. Training wise I do 4 weight sessions a week and 2 cardio and ab sessions. I like to keep my workouts fast so for cardio I do interval training whereby I work as hard as I can for a minute (either sprints, on the bike or in a metabolic circuit) then I have a 30sec rest. I do this 10x followed by an ab circuit. On my weight days I train my whole body over 2 days targeting different muscle groups on each day. Again, only for 45 mins to an hour.

Now I'm really fortunate in that my trainer Olly Foster, is also my Boyfriend so I have no excuse not to train! For those who struggle for time or who aren't at a gym, you can still do a circuit at home. You could do 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 press ups, 10 sit-ups. 30 sec break and then repeat but with 9 of each then 8 ect... All the way to 1. You could start doing that 3x a week and time yourself so you can mark down your progress each time. You can even do lunges on the stairs, tricep dips on a chair, buy a skipping rope. There really is no excuse in this day and age not to exercise. Even for those of you with children, you need to make the time. I know its hard (my sister has 3 children so I've seen her juggling them with work & exercise) but in dedicating just 20 minutes a day 4x a week to YOUR exercise, further down the line you are giving yourself more energy and a better mind to focus on being the super mums that you are! I look at my training as the most important me time I can ever have. I'm improving my health! I'm getting my heart rate up, my blood & oxygen is pumping to my muscles, I'm sweating opening new pores, and over time I'm looking pretty good too! The benefits of exercise are amazing but you have to start and stick with it to see them and you have to do it alongside a good diet.

Over time your pallet will adjust to the foods you eat / cut out. I stopped eating red meat 4 years ago because I love animals. I actually struggle to eat chicken & fish but with all the training I do I need the protein :( Since I stopped the red meat just the smell of it makes me feel sick! Its the same with sweets & sugary stuff too. Because I have it so little now I don't crave it that much. It sometimes makes me feel sickly smelling doughnuts and cakes whereas that smell used to make me oh so hungry! My advice to you Is to be patient and treat your body well. We only have once so keep it at its best. We all spend a fortune on products, creams, lotions ect... To look good on the outside, but what's the point if our insides are a mess?! Ultimately You are what you eat, so eating good, clean, fresh foods will have you glowing and feeling great! Eating rubbish and stodgy food will surprisingly make you feel rubbish and stodgy. So ladies, you have the common sense to know what to do and what choices to make so start making them. Start working on and improving YOU. When you’re at your best, everything else around you becomes easier. GOOD LUCK LADIES!! Gemma xxx