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Little Mix have launched their second fitness collection!

Little Mix have launched their second fitness collection!

We are so excited to show you Little Mix’s second collection which launched this month! Under Little Mix’s creative direction, the collection combines high-performance sportswear with the latest trends, resulting in a vibrant, eleven piece collection that reflect each of the girls individual styles.Shop here

The ‘USA Pro by Little Mix’ collection includes sports bras, leggings, tops and sweaters with key pieces featuring power mesh panels offering breathability and ventilation during any workout.

During our latest shoot to launch the collection, Little Mix revealed to us their top fitness tips below:

1. Leigh-anne reveals that a ‘Power Breakfast’ is her secret weapon: 'Before working out my favourite thing to eat is poached egg, smoked salmon and avocado. It's the perfect fuel for a workout.'

2. Perrie’s secret to fitness is working out with other members of the group: 'The girls egg me on because I'm not as fit as some of them so having three fantastic fitness buddies is an added incentive.'

3. Jesy also believes that working out together is the ultimate fitness regime, commenting: ' When Little Mix are in rehearsal for a tour we're working on the routines every day for two or three weeks. Then, once we're on the road, it's an hour and half of dancing every night. When keeping fit is fun it's so much easier.'

4. Jade takes a DIY approach to keeping fit when she's busy. 'You can't always find time for the gym but if you managed to squeeze in a few sit ups and squats every day at home you don't feel so guilty.'


Up your fitness game with the new Little Mix collection available online at USAPro and in stores at Sports Direct and USC. Shop here