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Little Mix’s top tips on staying motivated

Ever wondered how the Little Mix girls always look so great and stay so motivated?

We chatted with Little Mix to find out their top tips on staying motivated – great advice if you’re trying to stick to your new year’s fitness resolutions!

1) Set a goal - “I generally always have something to work towards, whether it is building stamina for our tour or an upcoming holiday where I want to look good in my bikini. I always have a target I’m aiming towards and that’s the main thing that keeps me motivated”- Leigh-anne

2) Do something you love – “Working out can be so boring, and I find it hard to stay motivated. I always try and do a fun exercise like Dancing, Yoga or Pilates as it occupies me and makes exercising more fun”- Perrie

3) Find a gym buddy - “I have a personal trainer who really motivates me in the gym and gives me confidence. Having someone there to push you really helps me stay motivated and makes me believe in myself” – Jesy

4) Instagram motivation - “I love following motivational people on Instagram; motivational quotes, fitness inspiration and healthy food recipes really motivates me to get to the gym! My favourite quote is ‘No day like today, it means a lot to us anyway, it is what it says, if you want something doing, and then you’ll do it today.”- Jade