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Staying motivated! 7 tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle this summer.


Staying motivated during the summer months can be tough, particularly with the temptation of sizzling burgers on the barbeque, the constant flow of invites to go for after work cocktails and the not so tempting overcrowded hot sweaty gym. It’s no wonder some of us fall back into old habits! So here are our top tips for staying motivated this summer –trust me, your bikini bod will thank us!

1. Switch up your routine and get outdoors! The summer months are great opportunity to take your workout outside! Ditch the overcrowded gym, and go for a run,  take in the scenery and fresh air. If running’s not your thing, grab a friend hit the park and try out some new yoga moves. The fresh air and extra dose of vitamin D will boost mood and motivate you! Plus the views will be much better than the brick walls of a gym.

2. Stay hydrated! Keeping hydrated during the summer is so important. Drinking at least 2.2 litres a day is recommended for the average women. The benefits of staying hydrated are that you are able to function at your highest level, a natural energy boost! Bring on that work out! Why not liven up water by infusing it with your favourite fruits. We love infusing  strawberry, lemons with a hint of mint! <3 So refreshing!


3. Get the gear! Everyone wants to look and feel good during their workout, so why not treat yourself to our new range. Not only will you look great and feel comfortable, you’ll be ready to hit the gym and  show off your new gear! Shop the look now >>>


4. Find your inspiration! Social media is the new motivator! Can’t be bothered to hit the gym after work? Log on to Instagram and follow @USAProUK for the best motivational quotes, healthy food inspo and meet our amazing #StrongGirlsofUSAPro you’ll be running to the gym in no time! Plus you will get the latest updates on our product launches and competitions!


5. Find your ultimate gym buddy! Hitting the gym with your bestie is great motivator! You will spur each other on and pick each other up when one of you is feeling demotivated! It will also help promote some healthy competition! She may also put you in your place when you are tucking into that cheeky burger.

6. Plan your meals. Planning your meals a day ahead will help you avoid giving into temptation and tucking into the biscuit tin mid-morning. You will be in control of your meals and snacking, which will also stop you from overeating. Why not rustle up super healthy super tasty salad for your lunch, not only will you look forward to eating it when lunchtime nears, you will also make your work colleagues jealous! #FoodEnvy


7. Set a goal! This is probably one of the most important tips! Sit down and figure out what your actual goal is, and what you’re working towards. This could be as simple as looking and feeling good in your bikini on your summer hols. Taking photos is a great way to track your progress and see how far you’ve come. Do it for the ‘after’ selfie.  ;)

We hope these tips keep you motivated this summer! Don’t forget to share your pics with us,  we’d love to see your healthy lifestyle and gym motivation pics.  Let’s unite all the #StrongGirlsofUSAPro and #JoinOurMovement Tag us on Instagram @USAProUK Twitter: @USAProUK. 

Love, Team USA Pro x